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How I got started in Product Design

I got started in Product Design while I was working as a Technical Consultant for a SaaS company. I worked with the in-house UX designer to test several prototypes for our software platform and felt drawn to the discipline. Almost immediately I realized I needed to shift my career to pursue design. From there I dove deep into product design, studying Design Thinking and learning about UX/UI process. To complete my career pivot into Product Design I completed a 6-month intensive career accelerator called Designation and then jumped into freelance work.

What I've been working on 

Since completing Designation I’ve freelanced as a Product and UX/UI Designer to create websites and apps for businesses and individuals. When I’m not freelancing or working on my own creative pursuits I tutor students at the Trilogy UX Design boot camp on the Denver University campus.

What I'm passionate


I’m passionate about creating useful things. My guiding design philosophy is that beauty is an attribute of usability, not a competitor to it. I apply this philosophy to everything I work on, interface design as well as the things I make with my hands. It all serves a purpose, first and foremost, and secondary it is an expression of beauty.  

CONTACT ME    |     (214) 862 8808

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