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High Fidelity hiking app that explores the full design process from inception through UI Design

I am a maker, a user advocate, and a problem solver. I live in Denver Colorado, where you can find me hiking, skiing, playing the ukelele, or hanging out with my animals.

I learned my Product Design skills at Designation, an immersive hands-on training ground for designers based out of Chicago IL. Drop me a line and let's connect!


These projects do not have a case study (yet) but are examples of freelancing UX web design that I have created for clients. 

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 12.34.52

Photography website and portfolio for Chealse Dee. This site exemplifies a modern and clean interface while focusing on usability and business needs. 


Website design for a naturopathic doctor that displays a professional business front and caters to users that are researching alternative medical doctors.

Screen Shot 2020-05-09 at 12.45.54


Armed with our research, we moved into ideating and wireframing. 

During ideation we split screens by mobile and desktop- I ideated on mobile navigation while my teammate ideated on desktop. Our goal was to develop a wide variety of approaches and ideas. We user-tested our most promising design and presented them to stakeholders for buy-in. After significant iteration, we settled on a mobile-first approach and web design that mimicked an app experience.

Image by Abbas Malek Hosseini

International Student, 35 

“I thought I knew English before I came over” 

Image by Darshan Patel

Chinese  Student, 24 

“ I want to know about the social climate around race in America” 

Image by Askar Ulzhabayev

Chinese  Student, 25 

“I don’t see the value of just having a dictionary”

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